Thursday, July 19, 2018


/ spain oct 17

next to me
has made me stronger
than i ever thought i could be

camping at rainbow springs

Rainbow Springs State Park is about 3 hours away in a tiny little town. We tent camped in April for a couple nights and hiked, swam and canoed in the nearby spring. The water was so cold, crisp and clear. It was the most beautiful bright blue color. Photos don't do it justice! We are excited to explore many more of Florida's incredible natural springs.

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

jet skis in jupiter

I cannot begin to explain the amount of gratitude I feel when I talk about my new friends Erica and Simon. Simon and Dave used to work at another airline together and now he is a First Officer at our airline. Dave and him had a trip about a month ago together and then Simon and his wife had us over for dinner the following week. She is a Flight Attendant for Delta and we really hit it off!

Since that dinner we have done so many fun things together and I can't believe what a short time it has been since we met. They took us out on their jet skis and we saw dolphin, sea turtle, a 4 foot stingray and a shark. We swam out in the middle of the ocean without another person in sight. Erica packed us a lunch and we ate at a tiny little island. So much fun! We also met up another morning to workout at a park and we had them over for a cookout.

Dave and I have our own friends in town but have never met another couple to hang out with. So happy that after a year living in Jupiter we have the sweetest couple we so enjoy to spend time with now. They are so positive and also into healthy living. It also is so great to see another flight attendant / pilot couple who are respectful of each other and make the most of this lifestyle.

Paris Part 2

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