Hello! My name is Katelynn Louise.
I am originally from the Midwest but I have been constantly on the move living a bit of a nomadic lifestyle for many years now. I purposely live as simply as possible without setting restraints or roots in any one place to be able to travel as I wish. I thought it was about time to start documenting my travel memories and only wish I had started this blog when I first began traveling!

I guess I should share a little bit more about myself.
I became a flight attendant October of 2013.

I was homeschooled for 8 years but then went to a public high school. I was the first in my family to get a college degree and graduated with hopes to work in recreational therapy with children with Autism. However, I had a case of wanderlust and wasn't ready to join the normal work force. 

While going to college I studied away for a year in Monterey Bay, California which is what made me first fall in love with travel. After my year in California, I went to school online while living in Barcelona and Paris and was eager to go traveling again. Although I was extremely grateful to have my degree, I felt incredibly stuck by my circumstance of having to pay off so many school loans when all I wanted to do was to keep on traveling for a few more years.

My best girlfriends were the ones who encouraged me to become a flight attendant. I knew nothing about this lifestyle before applying. I can't imagine where I would be right now if I didn't apply! I have had the most incredible time being a flight attendant and I am so grateful for the opportunity to live this life.

I traveled the world completely alone for over 5 years without even any of my friends because most people were busy with school or work or saving up and I learned to love not having to rely on others. Then I met the most wonderful man on January 2nd, 2015 who I feel so grateful to now travel with. He is the kindest person I have ever met and I truly am so lucky to have snatched him up!

Thank you for stopping by my little place on the Internet. I hope you enjoy!
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