Friday, September 8, 2017

2nd post to my IRMA DIARY. SEP 8, 7PM

6:50PM - STILL SEP 8
(Just like my first entry, please forgive the lack of paragraphs and proper grammar as I'm typing this all into my phone.)
Today has been insane. I had no idea what I was in for when I wrote my calm entry this morning.
We packed up pretty leisurely and made the food that we knew was going to go bad. I made a giant juice of many of the fruits and veggies. Leaving was eerie because it's such a beautiful day out but we knew we'd come home to a total wreck. We made it to the first shelter a bit after 1 and we were told they filled up the second the doors opened at 10AM. This is so wild because the storm isn't hitting for another full day. We were sent off to the next shelter and when we arrived, we felt like we were checking into a prison. The governor said the shelters were to keep us safe, not comfortable and I must remind myself of this but when we first arrived, I had some shock knowing we were staying for 3 days on this school gymnasium floor right next to countless unhappy strangers. We spoke about maybe going to Orlando to stay with an aunt but Orlando doesn't look any safer. We were able to leave to get some items at home and I stopped for a Publix grocery store for a veggie wrap and some chocolate to bring back to the shelter with me. I went thru a few hours of some tears, some anger, some frustration. Dave and I were both feeling the sudden change in our reality and realizing a bit clearer what was ahead. When I came back I made us the sweetest tent with some new dark sheets we brought from the house and that added privacy really boosted my spirits. Our little bed felt so cozy! Something shifted and I now am doing so much better. I think the fact that 2 gentlemen started jamming to countless Pink Floyd songs on their guitars nearby really helped. Another man turned a garbage can upside down to make it into a drum! Loved their uplifting music filling that place. 

They provided dinner for us here at the shelter and now dave and I have been relaxing outside of the cafeteria laying out on these benches in a quiet courtyard under marvelous, swaying palms catching the last glimpses of sunlight for the next few days. There's barely a soul out here so it's simply lovely. I cannot explain just how lovely it is just laying here texting my 3 best friends and relaxing under the pretty blue sky. There's just a few puffs of clouds floating around and I'm loving this fresh air with a wind that's getting just slightly more chilly with each passing minute. It's all very peaceful indeed.

When I first came out here I found a painted rock that says "things will get better". 

They most certainly will. They may get worse before they get better but eventually, one day...THINGS WILL GET BETTER.