Thursday, March 15, 2018



My new favorite past time is taking my 5$ watercolor set to the beach lately and just painting away. I play the Down Dog playlist on Spotify without headphones so I can listen to the waves as well and just bliss out.

 I love this photo of my brother from his visit a few weeks back. 
A sweet girl I met at yoga told me about Greenridge Stables.
It has been wonderful to have an affordable place to go out riding.

Something that has profoundly changed my outlook on the world and I highly recommend is the audiobook "You Can Be Happy No Matter What" by Richard Carlson. I have listened to it about 4 times in the past month on my libraries' free app. My new favorite quote is from this book:
 "Happiness is a feeling, not an outcome."
How good is that? I think that if we truly understand this, we will save ourselves from years of misery grasping after that next "thing" we think is right out of our reach that will finally bring us happiness. Happiness is not based on outside circumstances. It is noticing a feeling of contentment that can be accessed in this very moment.