Sunday, July 14, 2019

the biggest surprise of his life

I found out we were expecting a couple hours before Dave had to leave for a 4 day work trip. I was able to trick him into thinking my good friend Alizee who is a professional wedding photographer needed a couple to shoot last minute. I quickly got ready and made the sign as Alizee was on her way over. I could not wait to capture the moment he found out he was going to be a daddy! Originally I wanted to do the shoot at the beach but he despises photo shoots so it was easier to have him agree to just come out side our house to take a few photos together. 

[Click here to see more of Alizee's epic photography!]

Alizee had us take a few normal couple photos together so that he wouldn't expect anything. I got really choked up looking into his eyes knowing I was about to give him the biggest and most exciting shock of his life! At one point she had him pose facing away from her so she could discreetly walk over the sign to me. I really thought he was catching on to what was going on but afterwards he assured me he had no clue until he read the sign. 

He was so happy he got tears in his eyes which is very rare for my man since he is not the emotional type at all. 

Dave and I are over the moon thrilled for our next life chapter! 

Our wonderful friends Simon and Erica found out they were pregnant just 2 weeks before we did! They always begged us to try to make it happen the same time they were trying. Even though we never wanted to "plan" the time our little one would choose to come into the world, we sure are glad they chose to come now. The timing could not be more perfect! 

In retrospect I am happy we did the shoot in our neighborhood right around the corner from our house while this big, beautiful tree was in full bloom. We pass this tree to get to our home and it now will forever hold such a cherished place in our hearts. Plus its pretty fun that it happens to be right next to our neighborhood's mini playground where I assume we will be spending a lot of time in the future!