Monday, March 1, 2021

Its so much fun being one!

 We are having such a blast lately! Esme loves to go to parks and is so in love with walking at the beach and barely tries to eat the shells anymore, what a change a few months makes! This morning just Esme and I went to see the sunrise and then get an acai bowl to share. She sat in the chair and allowed me to feed her, so content and sweet! What a fun age one is! She is so in love with being outside, it makes my heart so happy to get to experience nature with my sweet baby girl and watch how being outside makes her so calm and still in awe of the world. She loves to point at the moon at night and at cranes all day. It melts my heart every time! 

We discovered a cool new park this week with Gayle and Sebastian and today I took Dave there to show him after a yummy lunch at Perk. It was a good day! We also picked up Esme a little used wood house and we are going to renovate it. She already adores it. I seriously cannot believe we found it for her for only 40$! It is going to give her countless hours of fun and I cannot wait for her to grow up with such a fun toy. We also had fun at Alizee's and Loup's and we had Erica, Simon and Penny over for pasta dinner. It was cute to see Penny and Esme in the tub together and feed each other snacks. 

On the Montessori side of things this week. I ordered her her helping tower and I am waiting for her to wake from her nap so we can color with her new beeswax crayons. I set up a little table with her chair, her water, and the paper and crayons set out just so. This is called "preparing the environment" in Montessori terms. I love how Montessori tries to bring in such an aspect of calm to your days with toddlers. We almost moved her to a floor bed this week but Dave brought up some great points regarding the safety aspect side of things and we aren't ready just yet. I do feel she doesn't have a lot of room in that crib so I do really look forward to moving her to the Montessori floor bed when she is less wobbly. However, as we were attempting to set up her room in a safe manner to do the floor bed, my heart ached watching her nursery things be taken away and it become a little bleak in there. Ive worked so hard on perfecting her room aesthetically and its truly so calming so even if its a little selfish, maybe I am not ready to say goodbye to her baby nursery yet either.