Thursday, July 20, 2017

Looking forward...

I'm currently writing this after just completing my morning journaling, meditation, ocean swim and beach yoga session. Laying in the sand and typing this in my phone notes, I just want to make a permanent reminder that no one but myself is keeping me from doing the things that make me feel my best. The things that keep my mind in check and make me glad to be alive. I know what I need to do to feel happy and good and no one else will do them for me. Action is required. Just do it, no matter how I feel before starting. 
It's a wild time of transition right now and I want to remember it. We sold Easterlin yesterday and I spent all of last night pretty torn up because I cannot believe that after a year of living in this space she will no longer be. This camper is so, so dear to my heart and I will miss it terribly. I can say that I made the best of the Easterlin phase of my life! I will cherish this past year. It's time to create a new life. A life very different than what I'm used to but one filled with fresh opportunity. A clean slate. A fresh start. Room to grow into my ideal self. Let go of the old, open to the bright, full, exciting NEW.
I'm so thankful she's going to an adorable and sweet young couple who will be doing the tiny home living in her as well. They have some awesome ideas for remodeling her even more and I couldn't be more pleased with knowing she's going to good people who will keep her good vibes alive. 
I am so happy to know that this new couple who will be living in her will learn all the life changing lessons she taught me. Their intentions for living tiny are so pure and beautiful and her new name will be "little foot" because they are so environment conscious about leaving behind a small footprint and being good to the earth. They are even going to be doing solar panels! 
Next week, we will go from living in our 23 foot camper to a 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom house a mile to the beach that we are completely updating. It is a total DREAM that lies ahead but letting go of Easterlin is still a challenge. I keep telling myself, Katelynn, you gotta let go of the old to allow the even better new. With a permanent house as a home I will have many awesome opportunities. I keep thinking that change is inevitable but growth is not. I want to use this transition into an actual house to become my best self and to finally set roots in this city I adore. I will use the space of our new home for good.
Easterlin taught me so much and I loved coming home to such a darling little space. I loved being so near the few things I cherished and needed. It's been a life changing and truly beautiful experience living in her. I love that I was blessed to have such a unique experience and it will remain a beautiful memory.
This next phase of my life is an important one, just as each and every phase is. I want to open to all the GOOD coming my way and unapologetically accept it with open arms. I want to say YES without fear to the new life ahead. I choose to live in acceptance and joy. Let the wild life of living in a house we get to renovate exactly to our liking near the most beautiful ocean begin!
 Letting go of the past doesn't have to hurt so much. I can choose to look ahead and feel excited instead. I want to hold the past in it's beautiful cherished space but be so excited for the epic future that I do not hold on to the old with a longing or grasping for what has past.
Here's to being open to create a beautiful, bright future!