Wednesday, July 19, 2017

What we ate in NYC.

Dave decided to join me in NYC for a 30 hour work layover super last minute. When I say, "last minute" I mean it. I was about to head to the gate for my delayed flight and he had just landed from another flight so we happened to both be at the airport at the same time by luck. My flight was so delayed we didn't get to the hotel until the middle of the night so we were super tired walking around the city the next day.
 We decided on the top 2 places we wanted to check out and took the train, uber and walked all over the place to find them! Here is my little reviews of the 2 restaurants in Manhattan we checked out.
by CHLOE.  
A cute 100% vegan junk food restaurant perfect for a casual lunch with your veg girlfriends. The guac burger with a subbed potato bun was delicious once we added more of the aioli. The air baked sweet potato fries were so-so. Loved the color of hot pink beet ketchup but the taste left me wanting the real stuff.
We were super excited to check out Ivan Ramen because one of the only shows we ever watch together is Chef's Table and Ivan Ramen was one of our fave episodes. The restaraunt is in a very low key building that gives the impression that you have to kind of have plans on going there to find it. It is not the type of location you would walk by and realize it is a restaurant and just stop in. In fact, the font on the front door that says "Ivan Ramen" is so small and hard to see that we almost missed it!
 We loved how low key and affordable this place was and the food was delish. Unlike many of the other famous chef's on Chef's Table, Ivan is so down to earth and easy to relate to and the vibes of his restaurant really reflect his personality. The wall when you walk in is covered by cut out comics which was pretty cool. The staff were all super kind and wore T-shirts. It was such a relaxing and cozy environment. We split the Vegetarian Ramen and the Coney Island tofu dish which tasted and looked like it was covered in meat but was actually completely vegan! For sure watch the Ivan Ramen episode of Chef's Table and check out this place next time you are in NYC.
 All in all, it was such a fun day even though we were both very tired. The energy of the city is so awesome to experience once in a while. What a wild place unlike anywhere else! I can't imagine what living here would be like. I don't think I could deal with how busy it is 24/7 but it is such a dope place to visit. Until next time, peace out NYC.