Sunday, August 9, 2020

my best friend

6.5 months old

this week esme starting sticking her tongue out and smiling constantly and it may be my favorite thing she has ever done thus far in her life. 

she has also become the biggest daddies girl in the world. when papa walks into the room, her face literally lights up.

it is so fun to show her everything for the first time! it reminds me how magical this world truly is. i am seeing the world anew. so glad that i feel esme is my little best friend forever. we have years of memories to be made ahead! it is such a comforting feeling knowing my best friend will always be there to cuddle and talk to and explore with. 

highlights of our week:

esme's first 2 teeth broke through 
first trip to the library
first trip to see the turtles at loggerhead
we got to see loup and alizee for a wonderful visit
burgers by the fire and chocolate chip cookies afterwards
esme fell in love with her big finding nemo toy
esme saw some of cinderella for the first time (she is not interested in tv at all!)
esme loves being carried around by her daddy in the carrier facing out

I adore you, esme ocean!